Friday, March 9, 2018

My Secret Identity

My first paid publication was a cheesy Womans World romance years ago. I was thrilled when I my Nanowrimo novel was published and delighted when it was optioned for a movie a few years later. But nothing felt quite like that first cheque from the WW magazine short story. My friend JK says she understands completely.


  1. I'm seriously impressed at any publications. I want to read them.

    I am determined this is true ... and JK is the person I imagine them to be.

    1. If time is a construct, and the past an future exist concurrently with the present, this may indeed be true.

    2. Or maybe not, if truth is a construct and time doesn't exist except in some alternate reality where mother-in-laws make snide insinuations about their daughter-in-laws' habit of sleeping in far too late.

  2. Hey, I was planning to write a post about my upcoming book that Christopher Nolan bought the movie rights to. Daniel Day Lewis decided to un-retire and play the male lead. I have a minor part as the unavailable women he has longed for all his life.


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