Friday, March 23, 2018

What was that? I couldn't hear you.

I grew up with yellers. Here is what I know. Yellers are bullies. Yellers don’t think everyone should yell. When other people yell at them, yellers consider it a sign of disrespect. If yelling is part of your early history, you are probably a yeller too. If you work really hard, you can stifle the impulse.


  1. My husband and I yell at each other, usually because we're too lazy to move from the rooms where we are, so we try to conduct conversations across floors of the house. When we're in the same room - not so much.

    1. I remember my mother asking me to tell my brother supper was ready and yelling to him from where I stood. She, of course, said that she could have done that herself, leaving me perplexed as to why she hadn't. I've since had the same conversation with my kids.


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