Saturday, June 16, 2018


Saturday I took part in an Art Show that was so perfect in every way I'll have to post about it during another month that isn't reserved for complaining. Rather than bitching about the show, I'll talk about the person who was in the stall beside me. It was two persons, actually. They shared a space (saving one registration fee), then complained that there wasn't nearly enough room for all their stuff. We all were told we had a 10x10 area - so it wasn't like she should have been surprised. She and the other woman spread their stuff into the area in front of their stall and around.

People who can't follow rules drive me crazy. I mean I get seriously uptight about this kind of thing. If felt for the people who run the show, since I knew it would fall to them to confront these women. In the end, no one did. And I have to say, it made our area of the property look nicer to have their stuff out there.

I have to learn not to be so uptight.


  1. I have rule-following imprinted on my genome, I think. Drives me crazy when confronted with the rules-are-for-other-people folk. Your last line shows that you've evolved more than me!

  2. You never struck me as uptight. Uptight people never say WTF.


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