Monday, June 18, 2018


After six weeks of rehearsals, and one week frantically getting ready for the art show, it has taken me all morning to get this house looking like humans live here and not a bunch of vagabonds and their heavily shedding dogs. Just sat down. WTF is that crazy sound coming from my dishwasher?


  1. Close your ears. Or turn on some great music, really loud. Do not even glance at the dish washer. Siren song, of the expensive kind.

  2. This is a good whine.

    And at least you had good excuses for the vagabonds and their dogs moving in!

  3. Oh, this is PERFECT. And I swear, the number of times Tim and I are sitting on the couch, and I've said "What is that sound?" or "What is that smell?" and he has sensed nothing are many.

  4. I wish my dishwasher would make a sound. It died while we were on vacation


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