Wednesday, April 11, 2018


George was in my grade-one class. His twin brother was in the other class. They were Haida children who attended the school with us army brats. George was slow. His brother, quite bright, was expected to have an equally bright future. Ultimately, their IQs didn’t matter. Both died in a house-fire in 1971.


  1. Shivers. This happened to a family I knew in 1974. So awful.

  2. Sad, and it puts so many things, including one's IQ, into perspective.

  3. It was devastating to the Haida community. The parents were out for the night and the babysitter stepped out with her boyfriend. All the children in the family perished - either 7 or 5. I can't remember if George and his brother had 5 additional siblings or if there were 5 total.


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