Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bonus whine

I hate shaggy beards. I'm fine with a short, well-trimmed beard but man I hate the shaggy ones. Why do women* have to go "down there" and keep up the curb-appeal when men get to sport those revolting messes on their faces?

*the young women. Glad to have pre-dated that trend.


  1. omg this is wonderful. Curb appeal.

    I HATE beards. In fact for the most part, I find facial hair extremely annoying and gross. The hipster trend for bushy beards and ridiculous sideburn action drives me nuts.

  2. Brava! Excellent bonus whine.

  3. I like beards. Not the big ones, especially, but I'm not dealing with them. Tim has a nice short one. I'm more interested in whining about the "down-there" stuff that's going on these days.

  4. I blame the widespread viewing of porn. (Not for the shaggy beards.)


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