Saturday, June 30, 2018

Is it Mueller time yet?

I still have faith that Mueller is coming, and that he is bringing a whole world of hurt down on the #trumpcrimefamily and a few other who have been more than complicit (I'm looking at your senate majority leader Mitch McConnell). I just hope it comes soon. I want to know that DJT had to pee in a prison toilet - and Jared, and Jr., and Ivanka, and Mitch...)

I'm worried about the fallout from the far-right, though, who learned they can shit on absolutely everyone who isn't white with impunity - just like I used to worry about what would happen when Hillary won (remember when we used to assume Hillary would win?) But whatever happens, I think it has to happen. Because these thugs aren't mellowing out on their own. And I'm so frightened for my US friends. <3


  1. I read an article yesterday that mentioned something I'd not thought of: Depending on who gets Kennedy's seat on the Supreme Court, Trump's threat that if he gets convicted he can pardon himself will be a reality.

  2. I'm frightened for the entire world. But I'm too scared to put too much hope on Mueller, as I don't want to be devastated if he can't achieve what we want him to achieve. (And what is that? President Pence? Argh.)


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