Friday, February 9, 2018

February 6, 7, 8, 9

[Author's note - I intend to hyphenate words in order to ensure a proper word count as needed for the rest of the month.]

February 6 – Christians 

I watch what’s happening south of here and I think Christians – amiright? Except my grandparents were Christians – humble salt-of-the-earth people that went to church every Sunday didn’t judge their neighbours and the women made sandwiches in the church basement after every funeral so the bereaved at least didn’t have to worry about feeding people. They were definitely Conservatives. Not the kind…

February 7 – Parades

…who would ever be fooled by someone talking about God (when you know he’s never made a bereavement sandwich) or saying he’s pro-life (you know he wouldn’t think twice about making an unwanted pregnancy go away). Now he wants a military parade that we all know is just a new way to make himself feel like some kind of big-dicked hero.

February 8 – Actual American Heroes

Every American I know personally is wonderful. Not in the over-the-top we’re-the-best, braggadocios way that gets portrayed to the rest of the world. Americans produced these guys. Genuine heroes. Humble, brave, prepared to risk their lives for strangers, then go about their lives like anyone would have done it. (Spoiler alert, most of us would have been hiding under the seats).

February 9 – Home renovations shows

My favourite decorating show is Hometown, set in Mississippi. The hubby is a good ol’ boy, and I’ll bet they voted for 45. And I’ll bet they are the greatest, thoughtfullest salt-of-the-earth, go-to-church, laugh-until-dawn, bring-you-a-casserole neighbours. Which gives me hope most of us aren’t all that different. And maybe universe will self-correct and this will all go back to normal soon.


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  2. I like all of these (of course!), and the last two provide some much-needed hope.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more, especially the last two. Trouble is, there are a whole bunch of Americans who believe what is going on today is normal and good and that the previous 8 years was an anomaly.

  4. Oh, these are good... and I intend to make use of the same strategy outlined in your author's note.

  5. I find hyphenation very helpful. Good strategy.
    Yes, this series is lovely. I too love the Americans in my life, including my brilliant blogger friends, my AFS friends (from all political extremes), and even my 45-voting family (in-laws). Though I have to admit, I hope that college will open the eyes of one of my nieces.

  6. I've also gotten a little hooked on "Home Town," at least as hooked as you can be without cable! There's something real about a big bear of a guy who can make wonderful things from any scrap of wood. Reminds me of a friend of Kate's that I was obsessed with long ago!

  7. And about Christians....lordy. I grew up in a conservative, evangelical church, back when Trump would have been the example of absolute ungodliness. Mind boggling. And my mother was one of those ladies in the church kitchen, setting out the casseroles for the funerals, weddings, baby showers.


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