Sunday, February 4, 2018

I need a new purse!

Ideally it will hold a laptop, my wallet, phone, glasses, several notepads and maybe a water bottle. Please help! I only want to pay $40-$50, and I don’t want to have any buyer’s remorse. I have been looking for a while, and I’m paralyzed with fear that I’ll get the wrong one. I’m not a good shopper, but I really need a new purse. Help me!


  1. A laptop?

    I was about to suggest second hand stores for a Coach purse form the 70s or 80s. Mine wears like iron and hold all of that. But not a laptop.

  2. A really simple tote bag. You can get a lot that are quite reasonably priced, and look good. And then buy (off Amazon or Ebay or whatever you use, for about $15) one of those tote bag inserts, that will organise your stuff, have pockets for phone and glasses and water bottles etc. That's what I was going to do before I fell for my a-little-too-small leather bag.

  3. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm trying very hard not to be impulsive about purchases, nor to bring new things into the house unless we really need them. I've be contemplating a new purse for some time, and I know what I need it to do, I just can't find the perfect one. I shall investigate both your ideas.

  4. I second the vote for thrift shops. My current favorite purse--a brown leather Tignanello with handy storage and a good look--came from the Salvation Army and cost $5. But it won't hold a laptop. Are you sure you didn't mean a tablet?


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