Thursday, February 1, 2018

Object 1 - the exclamation point

A former coworker had an abiding aversion to exclamation points. I did my part to help her via flooding therapy, but no matter how many exclamation point-riddled emails I sent, she never improved. I kinda hate them too. I use them – just as I’ve been known to type out LOL or OMG. I hate those, too. But I still use them.


  1. Yes. I always feel I've failed when I use OMG or Lol or an enough, and I try to curb my use of exclamation marks (as we call them). But frequently fail too.

  2. I used exclamation points (but only one, and only once or maybe twice in a piece, email, text, tweet, status update, etc. I am pretty sure I have never written LOL or OMG since the turn of the century.


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