Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Swedish Death Purge Series

February 11

Where did I hear about the SDP? I think it must have been one of your blogs. I’ve been enchanted with the idea since. Now every time I look at something, I wonder if I need it. The answer is mostly no. What do we really need? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what you own and where it is?

Good-bye, socks with holes
February 12

For some reason I own 3 pairs of knee-high nylons with runs. I mean I used to. Now they are all gone, along with every sock with a hole, every bra that wasn’t providing support, every pair of underwear with a loose waist band and a couple scarves that let’s face it were never very nice. Thank you, Swedish Death Purge.

So long, old sheets
February 13

What is the correct number of sheet-sets one should own? I used to think it was 4 per bed: 2 fleece sets for winter and 2 cool sets for summer. Viewing them like a dying Swede, I think the correct number is actually two. Frankly, those warm sets have become hard to take as an over-heated old lady. Adios, fleece sheets.


  1. If they're actually fleece, I agree with your decision. But I rediscovered cotton flannel sheets a few weeks ago, and when I put that old set on my bed in my unheated bedroom it was love at first snuggle.

  2. This is funny. I find these days I'm more likely to get rid of the most supportive bras and keep the ones that are most comfortable. I do keep a couple that I can actually face the public in (with clothing over them, of course), but my days of tolerating underwires on a daily basis are over.

    I really need to read up on the Swedish Death Purge.

  3. I have never heard of a Swedish Death Purge, but I love the name. I'm looking around now for things I can send to a Nordic gulag.

  4. I just read the Swedish Death Cleaning book!

  5. I think I have four sets of sheets for my bed (two flannel, two not) and two other sets (one flannel, one not) for the guest room.

  6. I've started going through drawers every Thursday, and purging things, so this is inspiration this morning. I absolutely agree on purging the warmer winter sheets. I did my nylon drawer a few weeks ago, with great success (though I still have more than I need). IB set me on this path with her 2017 in 2017 clear out.

    My mother did a death purge (A Kiwi Death Purge?) for years before she died. It made sense, but I got worried in her last months that she'd throw away something important. She might have, but we don't know.

  7. Now I am interested in Swedish Death Cleaning.

  8. IB - did you mention it here or on Facebook? I can't for the life of me remember where I first heard of it, but I know know it was recent.

    1. It may or may not have been me. I don't know whether I mentioned it. It's been in the news the last few months...


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