Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Richard, the worst

Richard III certainly murdered his two young nephews, Edward and Richard, in the summer of 1483, ensuring his ascension to the throne, and ensuring he is still reviled 500 years later. Like all deplorable and narcissistic leaders, he loves the sound of his own voice, and continues to sow dissention through twitter.



  1. I saw Richard III at Stratford and went to a pre-play discussion. Apparently Richard, the worst's reputation was heavily informed by Tudor propaganda.

  2. No. No Richards! (Enjoyed this, however!)

  3. Wasn't Richard III a hunchback? Or something else? Maybe he had weird yellow hair and orange skin?

  4. After this month, Richards have a whole new meaning to me.

  5. There have been a lot of Richards this month. My mom's Richard really went by "Dick" but none of us, including Mom, wanted to call him that.


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