Friday, April 20, 2018


I had to unfollow her on Facebook. I couldn’t stand her endless right-wing vitriole. Millenials are all worthless. Liberals are snowflakes. She slams people for not giving Trump a chance while mocking her own Prime Minister’s children. But in person, when we don’t talk politics and focus on our dogs, I like her.


  1. Weird... it's like that hard-core Democrat sociology professor from Berkeley who went to Louisiana to study why people who live amidst catastrophic levels of environmental pollution and require income assistance are hard-core Tea Party supporters. She ended up becoming friends with many of them.

  2. I would find that hard to understand had I not similar experiences myself. Still do.

  3. Wow. I don't think I could like someone who said things like that on Facebook. You're a better person than I.

  4. Yes. I know people like this too. Sigh. I've "hidden" a cousin on Fb who is like this, but throws in hatred of the right wing here in NZ (further to the left than Trump or Republicans), and belief in government conspiracies and aliens! Every so often I go back to her page to see what insanity she's on to this week.

  5. She's stage-managing a show that I'm directing. We met last night and had this conversation.

    S: I have extra Doug Ford* posters in my car if anyone wants one.
    Me: Oh my god, Katie (her service dog). Come home with me - you can't live with someone who loves Doug Ford.
    S: I didn't say I love him, I just know he'll get the job done.
    Me: He won't get anything done!
    S: People said that about Trump, but look at everything he's managed to accomplish.


    *Doug Ford is the brother of infamous former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He recently won the leadership of the provincial Conservative Party.


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