Friday, June 15, 2018


I once worked with a woman who bought a Big Mac meal every day for lunch. Every day. Somehow*, she maintained a thin frame. I hate that.

*not a total mystery. She also smoked non-stop.


Last night I dreamed about another former coworker. In the dream, she wanted to take up running, but at a yoga retreat she learned that the motion of crawling exercised all the major muscle groups much better than running. So she started crawling around Kingston.


  1. Was she pub crawling, perchance?

    I really think J should donate her body to science... she'll probably be one of those smokers/junk food junkies who lives to 110.

  2. I had a skinny friend who used to eat meat pies and cream buns regularly for lunch! She used to complain about her skinny calves, and how it was impossible to buy knee high boots because they were all too baggy. I think in those days I managed to control my eye-rolling reflex somewhat better than I would today.

    1. Menopause seems to do away with eye-rolling control, at least in my case.


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