Saturday, August 25, 2018

Come From Away

I'm heading to Toronto tonight to see this. I can't listen to it without misting up, so I should be a perfect mess. I can't wait. The world is so full of good people.

[Janice, spoken]
I interview a woman from Queens - a mother
Her son’s a firefighter and they still can’t account for him
She starts crying, and I start crying too, and I can’t stop shaking
I don’t want to do this anymore

[Beverley, spoken]
I check in with air traffic control again and it’s more bad news -
Not only is the airspace still closed, but there’s a storm
Headed for Newfoundland!
Hurricane Erin is making landfall tomorrow or the day after
If we don’t get these planes in the air soon, no one’s going anywhere!

[Oz, spoken]
Claude, people are starting to crack

[Claude, spoken]
Let’s get everyone down to the Legion

[Kevin T, spoken]
Everyone’s going down to the Legion for a drink


  1. Yes, let's.
    And I hope you report back.

  2. I assume you are talking about "Come From Away". I just looked it up and saw that it was in DC in 2016. I guess I was busy that year. :-(


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