Monday, August 13, 2018

The Purple Cow

My grade 3 and 4 teacher loved poetry, and we were required to memorize poems to get a star. After X stars, we were rewarded with a book. Any poem was fine, but we had to know it word-for-word. I remember memorizing sonnets and ballads and whatever I could find on the classroom bookshelves. But when I realized I was one poem away from a new book, I threw this one at her:

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one.

I think she rolled her eyes, but I got the book.


Food post #13


I found a wonderful beet and carrot salad recipe this morning, and headed out to my garden to pluck the required beets (carrots are still to small to pick), only to discover that my beets have all been eaten by some critter. What critter eats beets? It isn't an insect - I saw tooth marks. And they didn't finish a single fucking beet, but ate over half of each one. Seriously - every beet is ruined! Husband and son both pointed at Rudy, but I doubt he would nibble on them without pulling them out of the ground and running around the yard with them.

Here is the recipe for those of you who still have beets.


  1. It wasn't a small purple cow eating your beets, was it?

    Also - sonnets in third grade? (What's that, about eight years old?) Wow.

    1. About eight yes.

      My second grade teacher was a huge fan of poetry and would write them for each of us with painted illustrations. She was the best.

    2. It was essentially a one-room school house, grades 1-4. The teacher won a national teaching award and a few years later, when the school board decided it was cheaper to bus everyone to other schools and shut it down, an American magazine publisher (who lived in the village because they were producing a Canadian magazine there, and whose daughter had attended) paid out of pocket to keep the school afloat privately as long as she continued to teach. Once she retired, the school closed for good. She was a pretty remarkable teacher.

    3. Very wow. And good on you for pulling out the purple cow poem. AND I don't think it was Rudy. I've heard of this behavior before—just eating a little of every [whichever] vegetable.

  2. In Googling "animals that eat beets," I found this:

    1. Thanks Indigo - we definitely have both rabbits and voles, so I will officially let Rudy off the hook.

  3. I'm enjoying the poetry-food combo. It feels like a recipe for an award-winning cookbook format.

  4. What a great teacher! But not a great gardening experience. So frustrating. If it had been Rudy I'm sure you'd have noticed his pink-red teeth.

  5. I immediately thought woodchuck/groundhog, just because of the partial damage. We had one that would go down a whole row of immature butternut squash and taste each and every one, ruining the whole harvest.

  6. I remember that purple cow poem. I think I used it as the inspiration for a puppet in girl scouts. Or maybe my mom did (she was an assistant leader)


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