Monday, September 10, 2018

Mari Mac

This song is the one that made me a fan of Great Big Sea. They didn’t write it – it’s a cover. But Lord thunderin’, it’s good, b’y.

Mari-Macs mother's makin' Mari-Mac marry me
My mother's makin' me marry Mari-Mac
Well I'm gonna marry Mari cause Mari's takin' care o' me.
We'll all be feelin' marry when I marry Mari-Mac.


  1. This is fantastic. (I believe I've heard them and of them before, but now I want to hear more. What's your favorite CD?)


    1. Boy that's hard... If I had to pick - maybe Up ( I think this was the first one I had. Or maybe Sea of no Cares. (

    2. Before I realized why your post was spaced liked that, I thought you were writing with great deliberation.

  2. I saw them at an outdoor concert about 15 years ago. Fun!

  3. Such a great version of this song. I only knew it as more tame versions sung by various Irish bar singers.


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