Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My super-power that wasn't (thank goodness)

A week, maybe two, before the sudden death of my childhood dog, I dreamed he died.

When I dreamed of anyone else dying after that, I was certain they were on their way out. This certainty faded over time, when no one else departed on-cue, and I’m glad I never tried to warn anyone that their earthly days were numbered.


  1. I hate those dreams, even if I know they won't come true.

  2. I have a friend who pays zero attention to his health. He overeats, overdrinks, etc. I once had a vivid dream that he knelt in front of me, clutched his heart, and keeled over. That was over a decade ago, and he's still going strong. I'll hear people say, "I'm surprised he's lasted this long," and I always think, You have no idea. :-)

    BUT how sad and traumatic for you about your dog.


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