Friday, September 7, 2018

The super power I had and lost

When I was young - probably through to grade 8, I could wake from an amazing dream and make myself fall back asleep, right back in the middle of the amazing dream. I can't do it anymore (hell, I can't even fall back asleep anymore -maybe that's the problem). I really miss it.


  1. That would be a wonderful power, unless the only dreams you had were the scary sort.

  2. I can do that now sometimes. I couldn't do it until fairly recently.

  3. It has happened to me at least a few times, but not because I knew how to make it happen. I wonder if this skill is covered in any of the books about how to teach yourself lucid dreaming.

  4. Yes, now you mention it, I've been able to do this too. No more though.


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