Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wendy the Witch. A ferris wheel. A feather. A box. An Iron Maiden

I had some very vivid dreams as a kid. I'll likely post a bunch of them. One I remember form roughly aged four (based on the house we were living in at the time), started with Casper and I in a ferris wheel. Wendy the witch was in the next car, and I threw a feather to her. She caught it, and put it in an ornate wooden box that she happened to be carrying.

Then, with no transition, we were in a castle. Wendy pushed Casper into an iron maiden and slammed it shut. Casper's blood pooled on the floor in front of if. I didn't find it troubling at all.

I must have seen an iron maiden somewhere, but I sure don't remember where. We had a small black-and-white TV, but we likely only got one station, and at any rate, we were only allowed to watch TV now and then. And only things you'd expect - like Casper the Friendly Ghost and Friends.

Poem For August 5th - Haiku for A Marriage Falling Apart.

They are our friends, and
 we're trying not to pick sides
 It's just so damned sad.


  1. Wow. To know what an iron maiden was at age four!

    1. I don't know what an iron maiden is today! (But I'm going to find out.)

  2. Interesting Casper dream. And I like the haiku. It's tough keeping both your friends friends.

  3. Throwing a feather (with any sort of accuracy) is hard.

  4. Wow, a Casper dream. (Are we thinking of the same ghostly Casper, or someone else?)

    Yes to the haiku.


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