Tuesday, October 2, 2018

FTSM. Seriously.

What the actual fuck, United States. What is happening to you? I like to think of this bizarre, nightmare phase that you are going through as the “great unmasking”. Maybe it’s just a prolonged blip, and at the end of it the universe will self-correct and the monsters will have revealed themselves, stupidly showing exactly who they are for all the world to see. Maybe these despicable (mostly) men will end up in jail because, during this window, a grotesque, privileged, orange-tinted, toilet-paper trailing, pussy-grabbing, gas-lighting schoolyard bully let them think they safely could. Maybe they will all be purged in November. That’s what I hope, but the real horror is that maybe they won’t. Between Russian interference, gerrymandering and voter suppression, maybe they won’t. Fuck.


  1. I had so much hope for Susan Collins, who often does [what I consider] the right thing. Even if he was falsely accused (I don't think he was), anyone putting on a display like that should not be a judge. WTAF? Feels like we're in the fast lane to fascism...

  2. I think the scariest thing is that people are making a conscious decision to vote for people like this (i.e., manipulative external forces may not be entirely to blame).

  3. Fuck, indeed. I had dinner last night with one of the people who votes for them, and will continue to do so. The only thing he cares about are his investments. More than his daughters, his wife. It is a horror story.

  4. Shit piss & fuck (a phrase I save for desperate times)


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