Saturday, March 31, 2018

One last secret for the road

I’ve learned a lot about Asperger’s over the past six months. I’ve learned that girls with Asperger’s are masters of disguise. They watch the popular kids to see how they act in social situations and try to mimic them. It’s effective but exhausting. In learning about my son, I think I may have learned something about myself.


  1. I think that's something many of us do, and not just when we're young. I've often said role models are important. Not only can our circle of friends shape how we think about ourselves and what we aspire to, but consciously or unconsciously we pick up mannerisms, speech, and assorted other things. I was going to say the behaviors we adopt are those that make us feel good to be on the receiving end of them, but I'm sure there are other motivations as well.

    Good month, M.!

  2. Intriguing, fascinating post, and interesting comment by Susan too.

  3. Great post. And I was glad to read your comment afterwards, Susan, because that kind of mimicking is something I still find myself doing.


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