Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cheese Girls

Cheese girls* are ruining my efforts to avoid carbs. Not regular ones made with white bread and Kraft singles – I happily avoid those. I’m talking the brie and poached pear and caramelized onion cheese girls I had last week. Or the brie and bacon and sliced strawberry on rye cheese girls I made last night.

*cheese girls – what my kids called grilled cheese sandwiches when they were young, and what we’ve called them ever since.


  1. Strangely I prefer the white bread and Kraft singles versions. Although your versions sound very tasty.

  2. And you're worried only about the carbs?

  3. Love those cheese girls! Why are carbs best paired with lots of yummy fats?

  4. Ooh, they sound really good. Carbs and cheese - both things I should limit, but both so good!


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