Saturday, June 2, 2018

And furthermore

I had applied to a local art show and didn't get in. So I said I would direct this play. Then someone dropped out of the art show and just like that, I'm in - and I'm so excited, except I just said I'd direct this play. No problem - I'll have lots of time to do both. WRONG. The play is taking all my time, and the art show, from which I can hope to make a little money - my only source of income these days - is taking a back seat. Fuck this shit, man.


  1. I apologize for laughing at "Fuck this shit, man." With a little flexible interpretation, one can apply this to a number of life's situations.

  2. I used to volunteer for a number of organizations -- all behind a computer either managing (after creating) the website or managing the email list (after setting it up). Then I went back to work full-time and was appalled at the amount of time I spent sitting at a computer. Work, volunteerism and pleasure were all tied to computers for me.

    I am down to one website/email list now which is more manageable, but I still spend a lot of time behind a keyboard.

  3. I also laughed at "fuck this shit, man" especially as I looked at your profile picture.

    I have a horrible time knowing that I can't do everything. I volunteer too much, I do my job, raise my kids, do their activities, try to have a social life--only so many balls I can keep in the air before they start to all fall on the ground!

  4. It is so common that we put other people's priorities before our own. "Fuck this shit, man" is going to be my new mantra.


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