Friday, June 1, 2018


This could be a long one. I'm directing a show. It opens next week, thank goodness. It has been nothing but a pain in my ass from the beginning. There is supposed to be a full production staff in place so the director can focus on directing, but the set build was 2 weeks late, there isn't a costumer anywhere to be found, the set decorating was left to me and the props person? Where the fuck is the props person? My sound guy just dropped off (sorry, too busy), and the lighting person was running behind. I'm never doing this again. And believe me, I'll be whining about this show for at least a full week.


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahaha. That made me laugh. Yes - thankfully they've also taken on costuming themselves.

  2. You definitely deserve to whine about this. If someone says they will do something they really need to follow through and do it.

  3. I spot a personal essay in the making titled, "Where the fuck is the props person?"

  4. Yes, that's an excellent and well-deserved opening whine.

  5. I apologize for laughing at "Where the fuck is the props person?" With a little flexible interpretation, one can apply this to a number of life's situations.


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