Friday, August 17, 2018

Christmas at the Pub

I've wasted so much time at the Wayback Machine this month, but I think I've tapped it for everything it has to offer. Here is the last one (I think I've said that before.) In 2004 on the BBS site we had a place called the Poetry Pub. It was one of the nicer spots to hang out on site. The worst - the absolute worst - was the politics forum, where all the nasty stuff came out.

Near Christmas, I posted this, with the hopes that eveyone would join in and add lines. They did! It was so much fun, and eventually it almost doubled in length.

Ah, the good old days.

The Pubbers were all in a grand Christmas Stew,
We had no Pub Santa, just what should we do?
The agency man merely shrugged and said sadly
I’ve one Santa left, and he behaves badly

He’ll do! We all shouted, "Send him straight here!
Any fat man in red can help bring us our cheer
So we waited and mingled and poured lots of wine
And waited for Santa by passing the time

Em hiked her skirt and exposed a tanned thigh
In hopes that Deloney would soon stop on by
And Suze, in the spirit of helping (she said)
Outlined her lips in a bold hooker red.

Josh is a sport, and this he did prove
As he held up a jar, “Look what I had removed!”
Ben decorated and missed the display,
While he secretly wondered which pubbers were gay

Then Santa burst in, bringing snow through the door
And he threw his sack down with a crash on the floor.
“I’m hungry!” he shouted. “What does it take?”
At least those old ladies I last saw had cake!”

Crystal quite timidly sat on his knees,
An earnestly asked him to bring on world peace
“Oy Vey!” grumbled Santa. What are you? Some kook?
And he reached in his sack and he gave her a book.

Crystal looked scared, so we poured her a drink
and we asked, "How's that Santa, Crys? What did you think?"
Then Santa said something in Hebrew, quite crudely,
It was brought on by Jarna, who was pinching him rudely.


  1. Oh, I love that. And I'm starting to realise that you have knitted together many of the people I loved first during that first x365, and still love now.

  2. Fabulous fun. I was trying to think of a stanza to add, but I don't seem to have the Christmas spirit at the moment.

  3. This is great. Plus, I'm liking putting together who all was already together back in 2006. How the gangs merged!


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