Thursday, August 16, 2018

Casey at the Rink

For my grade 5 public speaking, um, speech, I wrote a poem in which Mighty Casey, bummed out from his baseball loss, is rejuvenated by the opening of the hockey season.

You all remember Casey, when he struck out that day,
Of Mudville's team a-losing, and scorning Casey's play
Soon hockey season started, and Casey left the gloom,
And in the auditorium, he watched the first game bloom.

That's all I remember, but I'm pretty sure I gave him a hat-trick.


  1. You had a highly developed poetic sensibility at such a tender age. And I'm amazed you can remember anything from THAT LONG AGO.

  2. I'm with Helen on this! (Isn't everyone rejuvenated by the opening of hockey season?)

  3. All I'm thinking of is those baseball players with shaggy beards and those hockey players with long mullets.

  4. "... Casey left the gloom,..." Perfect.

  5. I love that Casey had a second chance.


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