Friday, August 10, 2018

Sonnet #23

Susan posted a sonnet challenge back in 2006. This was my entry.

I hope you don’t mind, but I thought you should know
(Course, my interest is purely semantic)
It’s just your pentameter’s starting to show
And I’m finding it highly iambic.
Your cadence intrigues me, your stanza’s a dream
Don’t refrain, lay your ballads out for me
You’ve got the best assonance I’ve ever seen
And your strophing would sure never bore me
I know this seems forward, and it might be a sin
You must think I’m some sort of loon
But I feel this huge metaphor building within
And I need to enjamb someone soon.

We’d make a fine couplet, you must see it’s true
I’ll save my poesy for no one but you. 


MAY 10 FOOD POST - I will catch up on all those missed posts! I WILL!

Is there anything better? Not tonight, there isn't. Tonight's pesto came from a jar at Costco, but my crop of fresh basil is pretty impressive this year, if I do say so myself. I think there is a batch of the home-made stuff in my near future.


  1. Agreed. Be still my beat poet heart.

  2. Oh, you're good!

    Also, pesto. yum.

  3. You are good! I don't feel so bad now about being way behind in reading and commenting because I know I must have commented on this 12 years ago.

    1. And pesto is good too. I had a basil crop failure (one big pot I neglected to transplant), but my DIL will be making pesto as usual this year.


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