Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I'm going to 
bed. I didn't sleep last ni...

---I know how that fee...

A moment. Eyes roll.

I know how it 
feels to have a 
bad night's sleep.

I didn't have
a bad night's sleep. I DIDN'T SLEEP. Do not wake me when you come to bed.

But you might want me to... (thinks he's funny)

I will kill you.

A moment. Turns back to his football game.


This is known as a threatrain. You just take as many lines as you need to make yourself clear.


  1. I literally laughed out loud. Especially at "... (thinks he's being funny) ... "
    Threatrain should indeed be a thing.

  2. Ha! You need to post this on the bedroom door.

  3. I'm so sleep deprived I read that as Theatrain...and then was trying to figure out how the theatre was involved in this...Sometimes the best humor is wasted on my groggy head!

  4. I did too, Theatrain, like a theater train. Had to reread and then I got it. I like how it's all just summed up: I will kill you.


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